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Front view
This job had been started by a builder that hadn't obtained any permits
All that had been done is the framing which had to be corrected because the lumber used was not sufficient to properly support weight loads
the exterior was only tyvexed and no porch or deck was done
The original house is the smaller part to the right
The addition is the garage and and rooms over it
Also the Mahogany Porch and a large deck off the back of the house.

Below are links to the work being done after we were called in.

The interior framing
Girders and supports had to be added and
all joists doubled or in some areas tripled

after the sheetrock
now it's starting to look like a house

The Staircase
The landing was originally built to low for
the specifications on the stairs
and to no surprise when going to install the stairs
sheetrock had to be removed because
no consideration for it had been taken when framing

The trim in progress at this time
The baywindow is waiting on the tiles to be installed
but the customer had requested throwing some paint
onto it so it wouldn't look so bad for Easter
So I gave it a nice finished look
The sills in the addition are custom made

Finished exterior
some pictures of the exterior
The mock hayloft was built custom to match
the Mahogony porch
Also pics of the deck on the rear of the house