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October 14th 2008

pic taken 12/17/07

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My name is Brenda
(aka Pink or BetaWolf.)
I am 48 yrs. young
(as of sept. 3rd 2008).
Born and raised in
Northern New Jersey
before moving to Pennsylvania
back in Febuary 1990.
I enjoy the outdoors
( preferably the woods ),
long walks in the rain,
and relaxing under the stars.
( Especially Moonlit nights )

I currently live in the Pocono Mountains Pennsylvania U.S.A.

I have a great love of
nature and animals.
I have a special love
of wolves.
I feel they are
beautiful, loyal,
and seriously
misunderstood creatures.

I am also a partner in a construction and home improvements company.

I enjoy doing just about anything creative.
Cooking, crafts, writing, painting, landscaping. . .
Oh.. . .did I mention Graphics and Website design?

I also have a great love of music and enjoy a wide variety.
Everything from Classical to hard rock.

In loving memory of my son who left us much to early in life

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