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Yngwie Malmsteen is a musical genious,
a modern day Mozart with a guitar.
This Swedish guitarest combines classical music
with heavy metal
creating a whole new kind of sound.

Lars Johann Yngwie Lannerback was born in Stockholm Sweden
June 30th 1963.
In his early years he was a bit of a wild child with no interests in music at all.
September 18 1970, while watching a tv special on the death of a guitarist Yngwie was inspired into the music world.
The special on the death of Jimi Hendrixs intriqued young Yngwie and he became obsessed with such bands as Deep Purple.
He admired how Richie Blackmore was influence by classical music such as Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Mozart.
At age 7 Yngwie started studying thier styles
and began playing for hours each day.
At age ten he took his mothers maiden name, Malmsteem.
Having always been called a trouble maker in school for getting into fights with kids he felt were "stupid", Yngwie started skipping school quite often.
His only favorite classes being English and Art which he did quite well in.
His mother recognised his musical talents and aloud him to stay home where he practiced hours at a time perfecting his style.
By age 15 getting in trouble for such things as riding his motor cycle through the hallways at school pretty much convinced him that school was not for him so he dropped out completely.
He began working in a guitar shop where a 17th century lute which was brought in for repairs.
He was intrigued by the scalloped neck.
He carved a similar neck and loved the sound so much he converted all his instruments to this style.
When he turned 18, the army tried to recruit him as officer material based on his high intelligence and test scores.
Yngwie held a gun to his head and vowed
he'd rather die than serve in the military.
They gave up real quick!
Not getting anywhere with his music in Sweden Yngwie started sending demo tapes over seas.
One tape feel into the hands of Mike Varney who invited Yngwie to
Los Angeles to join Shrapnel's new band Steeler.
This was the begining of a new and wonderful talent being exposed.


On June 22 1987, just before his 24th birthday, Yngwie was in a serious car accident wrapping his Jaguar around a tree. His head hit the steering wheel with such force it broke it.
The results a concussion causing a blood clot in his brain that damaged the nerves running to his right hand.
After being unconscious in a coma for nearly a week, Yngwie pulled through, but his picking hand was completely useless.
He began painfull therapy in hopes the damage would heal.
Shortly after he learned that his mother had died of cancer.
To further complicate things, a manager had squandered Yngwie's earnings, leaving him penniless.
This left him with a pile of medical bills and no money.
He didn't give up though as many people would have.
Yngwie recovered and returned to making music.
And what music he does make!!!

Visit the Malmsteen site to learn more


This in my opinion was an amazing combination.
Yngwie Malmsteens talents on guitar combined with the superb voice of Ronnie James Dio!
A dream come true!
Along with Stu Hamm, Gregg Bissonette, and Paul Taylor, this tribute to Aerosmith should be in everyones collection.

Do yourself a favor and check it out.
It's Fantastic!

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