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Welcome to PINK's Palace...... Thanks for stopping by ......PINK's PALACE GOES 3D!...Be watching for the launch of Pinks Palace World....While you're here, check out the videos in the Bands section and Aerosmith videos in the photo section!!!...slideshows also......Check out the Band links page for some very good local talent.....I hope you enjoy your visit!

October 23rd 2009

A Tribute to Steven Tyler

Welcome to PINK's Palace.

Featuring AEROSMITH pics, videos,
and links.
Also included in this site:
Various band links,
tributes to some other of my favorite bands and artists,
and so much more.
I hope you enjoy your visit.

9 Lives- It ain't over!

A Special Thanks
BIG Thanks to Aeromojo and Aeroforce 1

Thank YOU Millie for your encouragement
to keep the Palace going.
my daughter Millie
I love you very much!

A very special thanks to
for just being herself
People like her make being online
a pleasant experience

I'd also like to thank all who have sent me links to thier band sites,
and all the people who've sent me pics!

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