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Since I started this site, I have made so many good friends
it would be impossible to mention them all
but there are a few really wonderful people I must give recognition to.

Syko Mama

Mama sure has been like a mom to me
Always with an ear when I need one
Mama has been a great friend
and I'm very glad I've met her
((((((((((((((((((BIG HUGS MAMA))))))))))))))))))

And I must mention all my new friends at worlds
You are a great bunch of people
*Snogs ya all*

PHANTom helped me to get the original Palace up and running.
He taught me a great deal about writing html and building websites.
He's also helped me through many technical difficulties along the way.
He took time away from his own site whenever I needed help with mine.
I'm sure I must have drove him crazy at times but he always helped whenever I asked.

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